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Wrought Iron Gifts
Beautiful & Nostalgic, these lovely Iron Gits accepts Ceramic or Hardboard Tiles. Our line of wrought iron products present the perfect frames for sublimated tiles. We have many items that fit beautifully in any home and fulfill a variety of functions. 
A nostalgic tribute to the past, these updated frames are fantastic when you add sublimated tiles.
Create an Extra Special Gift for any Wine Lover
Wine Boxes
Make beautiful keepsakes for favored clients, wedding parties, and special friends. Decorative wine gift boxes are perfect for gift items, or matching kitchen decor. This is a wood wine box with a hardboard slide door that will hold up to a 750 ml bottle of wine or any other type bottle that is not unusually wide.
Image the insert to complement the items enclosed.
We also have the 5 ins W x 11 ins H Neoprene, Wine Sleeve. This fits wine bottles and keeps them cold during picnics. 
Image for the Neoprene Wine Sleeve is also available  in the Wine Boxes section.
Personalized Gifts For Life's Special Moments

Celebrate that life's Special Moments and Occasions with an unforgettable, thoughtful, personalized gift you made just for yourself or your loved one. Create new loving memories by showing your loved ones how much they mean to you in a way they'll treasure forever. Personalized gift is the most thoughtful gift you can give for that special someone and also the perfect way to celebrate life's special moments and events.
Perfect that special occasion with a gift  captioning "You are one of a Kind" which not only stands out amongst any other Gift, but also captures the Brightest Smiles. 
That unforgettable moment as their eyes are laid on that special gift and the look on their face for the first time, will make the gift meaningful unlike anything he or she have ever received and this will make it as a Treasurable Gift from the Heart, that can be enjoyed a LIFETIME!
We have a wide selection of gifts, 10% are exclusively designed by us, you know your gift will be as unique as the person you are giving it to.  Get a gift that stands out among all others.  Add a PhotoDateNameEvent nameSpecial Message or many more options for a gift that can be enjoyed a lifetime. We take care of every detail for you. 
Commemorate A Special Occasion With A Personalized Compact
Compact mirrors are ideal small gifts made unique with the addition of sublimatible disks with your artwork or client photos. Mothers will love cute snapshots of their pets or children. Another idea is to provide matching pictures and coordinate the compact with purses, checkbook covers, wallets, coin purses and tote bags, creating sets to mix and match.
​Wood Gifts
​Turn any Personalized Tile into a Treasured Keepsake With one of our Unique Wood Products!
High-end wood gifts you will love! Representing class and decorum, our selection of wood gift items focus on sublimated tiles inserted into the varnished items, adding personalisation accents to some pretty nice pieces. Featuring bookends, peg racks, lazy susans, pencil boxes and sticky note holders, these items are perfect for home or office.
Create sets that complement each other or add corporate logos and then these items can be used as awards or incentive prizes. Add cozy and homey family photos and they will soon be treasured heirlooms.
SubliSlate PLAQUES
Photo slate rock plaques are stunning when images are applied using dye sublimation imprinting. Every plaque comes with a nice black display stand, except for the clock and the large oval, which have wall mounts. 
The rocks have natural imperfections that make each plaque unique. The polished slate has been coated with thick polyester based coating that will display your transferred images with outstanding clarity. 
The plaques are 3/8” machined sublimation-coated slate, polished natural metamorphic rock, with natural edging. Each plaque has a black plastic stand and comes inside a white box.
Glass Cutting Boards
Spice up your customer's kitchen with a custom imprinted cutting board! Custom cutting boards are perfect for home chef's and restaurant owner's alike. Imprint any image on our new specially coated glass cutting board. This functional, sanitary, and heat resistant glass cutting surface is ideal for slicing, dicing, and mincing in the kitchen. Tempered and coated. Includes self-adhesive rubber feet.
Neck Tie - Commemorate a Special Occasion!
Best gift item for men ever created! Novelty ties sell well on ebay, in shops, just about anywhere people look for presents for men. These sublimation ready ties can be imprinted with photo quality graphics for a realism element. Create subtle, fun, or fashionable neckties for the men who have everything. These are ideal gift items for special events, dealer incentives, sales rewards, executive gifts, Fathers Day, and more.
We offer matching logo imprinted ties for businesses like car dealerships where the sales staff wears ties, for a uniform look. Even some restaurants have waiters wear neckties, with the eatery logo and we can also make the individual's design. We can also supply handkerchiefs to coordinate as a set with the neck tie.
Personalized Clocks makes Great Gifts for Home or Office
Imprinted clocks are popular with many diverse groups of people, after all, almost everyone needs the time. Clocks imprinted with collectible images complement the items on display. Clocks imprinted with family occasion photographs can become treasured heirlooms.
Glass Plaque
Glass Plaques makes extra special Gifts & Awards. Full color imprinting onto glass! Glass plaques are becoming increasingly popular - especially with the mid to upper budget buyers that want an extra special gift or award, executive gift, wedding gift, golf or tennis championship award. 
The Glass Plaques are great award item, imprint with photo of group or team and present to the winner! They comes with 2 Brass Legs (Pins) or Wooden Slotted Base stand for vertical or horizontal position.
Book Ends
Maple Finish Wood Book Ends. Each holds one decorated tile. Required Tile 4.25” x 4.25” included in price. Price include 1 book end with full color imprint.
 Imprint any image onto these coated plates that will look lovely displayed on a mantel or in a cabinet. Excellent as awards or commemorative display items. Sets can be created with matching trim. Marvelous anniversary gift item when imprinted with the happy celebrator's images. Another unique idea is to imprint the plates with restaurant logos or tourism destinations for souvenir resale value.
Picture Frames
Some of the frames we present offer the option of being sublimatible. A great way to highlight an achievement or an award by imprinting names, dates and specifics or add more artwork to emphasize the framed piece.
Some of our frames selections range from sublimatible FRP or MDF wide frames to elegantly polished and stained wood finished frames that artfully enhance any photo.
Planter Boxes
 Large sized planter box 8"H x 11.25"W with insert area for 6" x 8" tile and Maple Finished Wood Planter Box- 8"H x 9.25"W with insert area for 6" x 6" tile. Medium sized planter box, perfect for gift or decor with imaged tile. 
Vapor® Scarf, Fleece, 64" x 8", White. This scarf can be printed in sections. Luxurious Scarf. Also the Vapor® Youth Ear Warming Band, Fleece, White, 19.75" x 2.75" x 4". These cozy ear warmers are wonderful when imaged. 

These imprintable and functional Wallet, 7.5" x 4.25", Simulated Leather Black Body with White Polyester Flap; Image area 7.5” x 3.75”, sublimatable panel, currency pouch, credit card slots, 4-sleeve photo holder, plastic ID window, and Velcro closure.
Makes an ideal Father's Day, groomsman, sportsman or wedding anniversary gift.
Streamlined Award
Why should any sports team get a standard issue, boring, small casted-resin or plastic trophy with a “generic” engraved plate on it when they’ve earned a full-color, personalized award that has their name, photo, team’s name, and team photo on each and every one? 
Streamline Awards are just that – personalized, high quality awards. They’re perfect for recognizing and remembering the participation and accomplishments of a sports team member.
Streamline Awards are: 
¼” thick with black edges and satin black backsides 
Multiple shapes - Round, Peak, Football and many more 
Cases are packed with peel & stick hangers 
Wood stands are available for desk mounting. 
Shoulder Bags
Amaze your friends when you put their full-color image onto one of our new shoulder bags for a nice gift presentation to them! Ladies will love the new Panel Tote style with interchageable panel inserts! You can't go wrong with this unique line of bags! Stylish yet economical.

Wood Keepsake Boxes
Traditional stained boxes available in an assortment of sizes and finishes including Mahogany, Cherry, & Maple. These make great gifts for special occasions such as weddings, graduations, awards, retirements, anniversaries, and more! The lids accept a custom imprinted tile and the inside of the boxes are lined with a synthetic color coordinated foam lining.
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iPhone Covers 
The phone that started it all has several types of cases and covers available. Still the market leader, it looks like there will be many people who will now enter the realm of iPhone ownership. Early adopters will have the new 5, and the 4 and 4s will continue to be popular as the used and refurbished phones are redistributed. Check out the many choices of covers for the iPhones. 

HTC Covers
The new HTC One X is positioned to be quite a popular model smartphone. We offer standard sturdy cases decoration or personalize with client photos.  The amazing new HTC One X® phones are so attractive for personalization! Our cases are designed to enhance ownership and include a shout out to the world about special interests. 

Samsung Covers
Samsung has several models of smartphones out and we have cases for some of them available. Personalize them for team spirit, souvenirs or personalize them for special events. We have CASES/COVERS for  Samsung® Galaxy S II Model i9100Samsung® Galaxy S III i9300P6800, P6200 and  Samsung Galaxy Nexus i9250 Covers / Cases. The Galaxy S III is positioned to take over the smartphone market for the younger people that disdain the iPhone. Expect more and more requests for covers and cases to use with the S III.

Blackberry Covers
The Blackberry device is a workhorse in many places, issued by offices and used by a great portion of the work force. Make whimsical cases or logo oriented identifying covers, either way, this is a popular way to personalize a smartphone. Precise openings on the protector case to allow access to all controls and features. Easy, perfect fitting cover protects your device. Provides ultimate protection from scratches and chip
iPad 2/3 Snap-On Covers
SubliCover™ iPad® 2 Snap On Cover, Black Hard Plastic, fits 1 Aluminum Metal Insert. Personalizing a device like the tablet is fun. Made with high quality Polycarbonate. Pre-cut openings that allows full access to the iPad 2's functions.Compatible with Apple iPad 2 and 3, rubber coating provides a secure anti-slip grip. Reinforced edges for added protection and All jacks, ports and buttons are accessible without removing case.
Black Blackberry® 9900 
iPad Mini Snap-On Covers
Simple Stylish Design, High Quality Hard Case Cover for iPad Mini. Perfect Fit your iPad mini precisely and offer comfortable hand feeling. Living colors, lightweight. All the cut-outs of the leather case are specially designed for the iPad Mini, all ports and buttons are accessible. A good iPad mini cover is the best protection you can provide your device against scratches, bumps, accidental falls, dust and spilled liquid.
Jewelry Bracelets

We have varieties of bracelets that are not personalized and also ones that can be personalized. Click on view products for more informations. In our line of non-personalized bracelet, we have the:  High quality sterling silver plated, metal cuff bracelet with spring hinge of different width,  Painted Pearlescent white bracelet,Gold-plated cuff bracelet with genuine 8 x 6 mm Garnet stone, Medical ID Bracelet and Ivory color plastic bracelet.

iPhone 4/4s Capsule, Bumper, Clear & Matte Covers
The White / Black Capsule SubliCOVER® with Silicone Lining for iPhone4 or 4s, fits 1 Aluminum Insert measuring 4.25" x 2" x .020".Inserts are Made in the USA of high quality aluminum.
The iPhone Bumper Covers are pack of TWO ( Bumper Colors: Black, Fuschia Pink, Light Pink, Sienna Brown, White & PMS 485c Warm Red ) Bumper SubliCOVERs for the iPhone 4 / 4s Plastic, each fits 1 Aluminum Metal Insert (DynaSub Satin Gold, DynaSub Satin Silver and White Inserts). The inserts are easily changed out, making a phone wardrobe!  
iPhone Clear & Matte Covers
The Clear SubliCOVER® Rubber Case or Matte Black, White for iPhone4 or 4s is Clear Silicone / Matte finish for the Sprint, Verizon or At&T Phone Cover version, The Aluminum Metal Inserts measuring 4.5" x 2.25"  are available in 3 different finishes ( DynaSub Satin Gold, Satin Silver & White ). Inserts are Made in the USA of high quality Aluminum.This cover is a very popular item, people are collecting them. Both Insert or any of the cases or cover of CHOICE are included in price.

iPod Touch 4 Case
Black Plastic SubliCOVER®/ White Plastic SubliCOVER® for iPod® Touch™ 4 Case, 4.25 ins x 2 3/8 ins fits 1 Aluminum Metal Insert ( White DynaSub™ Insert, Satin Silver DynaSub™ Insert,  and Satin Gold DynaSub™ Insert all measuring  3.75 ins x 1.75 ins). Inserts are Made in the USA of high quality aluminum.
Kindle® Fire™/Kindle® Touch  Snap On Plastic Case
Black / White Plastic DyeTrans® Kindle® Touch Snap On Case. 
 for the Kindle® Touch™ Plastic Cover.( White DynaSub™ Insert, Satin Silver DynaSub™ Insert, and Satin Gold DynaSub™ Insert all measuring 3 5/8" x 5 5/8"). The right insert can really make the artwork look great. Inserts are Made in the USA of high quality aluminum.
Keeping your device in a personalized case is cool and practical.
Jewelry Necklaces 

48 ins, 34 ins, 26 ins, 16 ins of various sizes necklace consisting of crochet and hand painted wood beads.with cords knotted between beads, some strung on a Pink / Blue Ribbon. Beads sizes ranges from 14mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm and the largest bead is 35mm (1 5/16"),with lobster claw clasp.
Other necklaces are Butterfly necklace with Swarovski rhinestones in Amethyst, Sapphire, and Ruby. Rhodium plated, and adjustable from 13" to 15", Donut Shape and Vote Necklaces.
The other necklaces are 24" Anodized Aluminum Chain Necklace - Endless, 17 ins / 18 ins Rhinestone bib necklace. Rhodium plated all Austrian Crystal, Swarovski Rhinestone and White Japanese Luster Pearl Necklace.
Personalized Earrings or Charms
Photographic quality images can be transferred onto jewelry to create a unique personalized keepsake. jewelry offers a combination of quality and value that is ideal for schools, sports teams, clubs and organizations, as well as personal gifts.
This unique gift item allows photographic quality images of children, pets, and other loved ones to be transferred directly to the face of the charm or earrings.
Jewelry Boxes (Holders)

The Jewelry Boxes (Holders) features:  four compartment jewelry box organizer, Lip Stick Holder, Glass Trinket box and Nickel plated brass box for contact lens Cleaning liquid.
Miscellaneous Merchandise
Our miscellaneous merchandise features: Small Dust Pan, Brush and Gold plated table top lighter 1950's 60's in original box, 

Varieties of styles of different Pins with Enamel Color filling, Gold/Silver Plated Pins, Hand Painted Enamel, pins with Swarovski Rhinestones , Antique Silver-Tone Finish. 
HTC Covers
The new HTC One X is positioned to be quite a popular model smartphone. We offer standard sturdy cases decoration or personalize with client photos.  The amazing new HTC One X® phones are so attractive for personalization! Our cases are designed to enhance ownership and include a shout out to the world about special interests.